2015 SUMMER Program & Schedule

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WINTER SCHEDULE:     June - July - August 2017  





CLASSES OFFERED:                                     MONTHLY TUITION:                                     CLASS TIMES:

                (based on 4 weeks)*



Tumble Bugs (20mos – 3 yr) - Parent & Child

   (45 minute class)

  • 1 class per week    $40.00                     see Kinder Gym Schedule
  • 2 classes per week  $72.00



Gym Bugs (Pre & K) (4 – 5 yr olds) - Boys & Girls

   (55 minute class)

  • 1 class per week    $54.00                     see Kinder Gym Schedule
  • 2 classes per week  $98.00



Little League (6 – 7 yr olds) - Boys & Girls

   (55 minute class)

  • 1 class per week    $54.00                     see Kinder Gym Schedule
  • 2 classes per week  $98.00



GIRLS - Recreational Class (8 yr & up)

   (1:25 hour class)

  • Level  1    (Beginner/Intermediate)
  • Level  2 & 3 combined   (Intermediate/Advanced)    see Main Gym Schedule
  • 1 class per week              $ 73.00
  • 2 classes per week           $130.00
  • Level   3 (2 hour class)      (Rec. Team)
  • 1 class per week              $ 88.00
  • 2 classes per week           $146.00



BOYS - Recreational Class (8 yr and up)

   (1:25 hour class)

  • Beginner/Intermediate Levels             see Main Gym Schedule
  • Intermediate/Advanced Levels
  • 1 class per week            $ 73.00
  • 2 classes per week         $130.00




Our gym is currently training and competing the Excel Program and higher Optional Levels thru

USA Gymnastics and the higher optional levels thru USAIGC. We are always happy to evaluate

prospective new team members and discuss our training program with you.

Please leave a message at the front desk for one of our team coaches to return your call.



TUMBLING Program (8yr and up) – Boys & Girls

   (55 minute class)

  • TUMBLING Level 1 Beginner
  • TUMBLING Level 2 Intermediate
  • TUMBLING Level 3 Advanced see Tumbling Gym Schedule
  • 1 class per week    $54.00
  • 2 classes per week  $98.00





     5% DISCOUNT              on class tuition   if you pay   BEFORE   the first (1st) of the month

                                                (not available with summer flexi-schedule)


     $10.00 LATE FEE         will be charged for payment made AFTER the 10th of the month



TUITION should be paid on the first (1st) class of each month. *If a month has five (5) weeks,

you will be charged for the extra class(es). If we are closed due to a holiday, you will not owe for that class.


FAMILY DISCOUNT:                                             $5.00 OFF tuition for each add’l child OR

(applicable for full month fees)                                $5.00 OFF for any other class enrolled in


ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE:                         $30.00 per student / per year OR

                                                                        $50.00 per family / per year

Annual registration fee is due every year on or before September 1st (first class of new class schedule).

For those who join at other times of the year, the annual fee will be prorated. (This fee is non-refundable)


PAYMENTS: To keep the cost down for our customers, we accept CASH or CHECK payments only.


-   -   -


ENROLLMENT PROCEDURE (during the season): All NEW students are required to fill out

a registration form, that must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. You may call the office

at (937) 879 - 7563 to check the availability of class times, or visit with us and stop by the office.

è If your child has had extensive prior training in gymnastics, a testing is recommended to see what

class would be best suited for her/him.


SUMMER versus WINTER class schedule: All CURRENT students are required to re-register

for the two separate class schedules (registration in May and August). Both current students and

new students need to supply the office with a first, second and third choice of class time

preferences. Current students will receive priority placement over new or returning students.

è If you decide not to continue from winter to summer classes (or visa versa), we require a

minimum two-week written notice.

(Winter Class Schedule = September through May  /  Summer Class Schedule = June through August)

(Summer Flexi-Schedule:   Ask about our special tuition schedule for June/July/August.)


PARENT INFORMATION PAMPHLET: When registering you will receive a parent information pamphlet

with additional information about our program. Please note the section about our policies, rules and guidelines.

If you did not receive our pamphlet, please ask for one at the front desk.


WEB SITE:                Please visit us on our web site at   www.bbgymnastics.com

FACEBOOK:    Please like us on facebook at   B & B Gymnastics


OFFICE HOURS (summer):                                     4:30pm – 8:30pm     (Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu)

                                                                           4:30pm – 6:30pm    (Fri)                                                                                                                                        

                                                                           9:30am – 1:30pm     (Sat)


-   -   -


ABSENCE: Please call our office, if your child has to miss a class due to illness or

another commitment. You will be able to schedule a make-up in one of our other classes

(no walk-ins).   Make-up classes are limited to one per month and should be scheduled

within four weeks after the missed class.   (additional information in our parent info pamphlet)


STOPPPING?: Your child will stay on our class listing automatically from month to month. This ensures

your child(ren) a spot in our classes each month without having to re-register. For this

reason our office requires a minimum TWO (2) WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE, when discontinuing

classes (form available at office). Failure to give us (at least) two weeks’ worth of classes from

the date you present the WRITTEN notice, will result in you being charged for additional classes.

When our class schedule changes from winter to summer and visa versa), all students will need

to confirm classes through the front office. Our written cancellation policy is also mandatory for

students not interested in continuing / switching to the summer or winter program.


DRESS CODE:        Girls – Leotard (shorts optional)     or   T-shirt & gym shorts;

                              Clean bare feet (no tights)  

Long hair (past shoulders) tied into a simple ponytail, pig tails or braids.

                                    Boys – T-shirt & gym shorts;     clean bare feet


OPEN GYM:              $5.00 per hour (6yr & up) - current students only

Our Saturday Open Gym is a supervised practice time for our students (6yr olds & up) currently

enrolled in classes. A teacher is available for general supervision. Sign in at the front office before

entering the gym. Please look for notices on bulletin door for cancellations due to special events.


PRIVATE GYMNASTICS PARTIES: Make a child’s birthday a special event at B&B Gymnastics!  

No gymnastics experience required. Geared towards children 5 years old and up. Also available to

non-students. We also offer programs for other occasions, i.e., boy/girl scouts, field trips. ($)


PRIVATE CLASSES and GYM RENTAL for groups are available on a limited basis.


-   -   -


B&B Gymnastics has been located in Fairborn since 1989.   We believe our club offers

an excellent program – which includes a low student : teacher ratio. B&B is owned and operated

by Bill & Bea Logan. The director/head coach, Bill Logan, has over 40 years of gymnastics

experience, of which 35+ years of teaching experience. Our Kinder Gym Program director,

Bea Logan, has over 25 years of teaching experience. The majority of our staff is coach certified through,

and/or safety certified by USA Gymnastics (= our national gymnastics federation).

We attend clinics, camps and e-courses on a regular basis to keep up to date and gain further knowledge.

Our professional memberships are through USA Gymnastics and USAIGC.


FACILITIES: We moved into this 15,000 sq ft specialized facility in 1996. Our gym offers three separate

gym areas, an upstairs viewing area for all classes, a pro-shop and office area.

  • The younger children are taught in the Kinder Gym. It is completely padded and includes a

tumbling floor, practice beams, parallel/uneven bars, climbing rope, vault, a full-size trampoline

and lots of skills equipment, especially designed for our preschool / beginner program. All

equipment can be lowered to better suit the smaller children.

  • The apparatus in our Main Gym consists of a 50’ x 50’ spring floor, several balance beams,

uneven bars, vaulting equipment, “Tumbl-Trak” and full-size trampoline, climbing ropes, high

bars, rings, parallel bars and several in-ground resi-pits and a block pit.

  • The Tumbling Gym is designed for our tumbling program – a 35’ x 40’ tumbling floor with

Mirrored wall, spring floor tumbling strip, full-size trampoline and a 20’ Tumbl-Trak with tramp-pit system.    

(Note: when the Kinder Gym classes overlap in our class schedule, we use the

Tumbling Gym for the tumbling part of our classes.)


-   -   -



Please see the office for any additional information or questions you may have.