Mission Statement & Philosophy

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Mission & Philosophy

B & B Gymnastics has been offering quality gymnastics training in the Fairborn area for over 27 years.  We have been a member of the BBB since 1999. We consider ourselves to be a family-friendly business and take pride in the concern, that we have for all the family members - not just the ones in classes.

B & B Mission Statement

Our mission is to give each individual the opportunity to become the best, that they can be in any sport. We do this by teaching the basics and fundamentals of the sport of gymnastics, which will give them the foundation, that they need to achieve their goals in any sport or activity. 




We offer "end of the season" performances (our Mini Meet) each year with different themes and everyone has a great time.  2017 was "Pirates".



B & B Philosophy

The philosophy at B & B is, that everyone should be able to learn in a stress free environment, where each individual is allowed to learn at his or her own pace.  We believe in a safe, clean environment where the students can learn how to respect and appreciate the opportunities given to them and build up their self-esteem and confidence to help them become well rounded individuals.

We bring in former and present Olympians for the boys and girls to meet and work with and we hold different clinics and camps for those that want to learn more in the sport of gymnastics.

Kelly Garrison (Funderburk) 1988 Olympian & Team Captain